IT Security Services

Today’s business cyber landscape is ever changing and is fraught with danger. John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, stated in January,2015 that there are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked. On daily basis there are news of new viruses, data breaches, companies and government agencies being investigated and fined.

To combat this, Aegis provides several services based on individual client’s needs:

- Penetration testing
- Website testing
- Internal business and IT security policy review
- Malware remediation
- Network segmentation
- Role based access controls
- Remote access implementation
- BYOD policies and controls
- Privileged account security
- Security policy design and implementation
- Incident response policies and procedures


Business centered

We utilize our expertise in business process improvement to
identify improvements in your overall infrastructure


We will ensure your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
plans are compliant
with your business objectives

24/7 Support

Once engaged, our team is available 24/7/365 to help
with incident response.

360° security

When working to secure your information, we make sure to include both technological and
human factors, resulting in a comprehensive multi-layered system tailored to your organization