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In today’s world, e-commerce and electronic records management are the cornerstones for business operations. While large organizations can afford to have internal audit and compliance to ensure that they are compliant with the myriad of standards that are imposed by various regulatory authorities at both state and federal levels, the small and midsize business are left to fend for themselves, and it is these organizations that are left most exposed.

Aegis IT solutions mission is to shield small and midsize businesses from issues that will arise when the business is not compliant. We focus on delivering IT services generally afforded to the Fortune 500 organizations to the small and midsize businesses that drive engine of America.

Some of the services we offer are:
- Comprehensive review of business regulatory compliance requirements based on current planned offerings
- Periodic internal and external audits of business information systems and processes for compliance with security regulations imposed by various standards
- Assistance with vendor and supplier questionnaires for organizations partners and clients
- Independent audits of IT infrastructure for the 3S™

o Security
o Service Delivery
o Scalability

- Virtual Database Administrator Services

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Business centered

We utilize our expertise in business process improvement to
identify improvements in your overall infrastructure


We will ensure your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
plans are compliant
with your business objectives

24/7 Support

Once engaged, our team is available 24/7/365 to help
with incident response.

360° security

When working to secure your information, we make sure to include both technological and
human factors, resulting in a comprehensive multi-layered system tailored to your organization