In IT, assurance is used to describe risk and information security management. To us here at Aegis, IT Assurance is ensuring that IT enables daily business operations and helps foster business growth. While our core service offerings center around security, compliance and database administration, our assurance service concentrate on broader aspects of IT.

Every organization faces a unique set of IT challenges. Despite what some may claim, no single IT organization can do everything equally well. This is the main reason why we choose to do a few things well, rather than do everything and fail. As we have become a trusted partner with our clients, we realized that we are called upon to handle items that are outside of our core strengths.

We start by working with the client to help identify current and future business initiatives. We then review what is required from the IT organization to help these initiatives. As part of this, we review the existing business processes and how they will change in the future. We then proceed to identify IT initiatives that will have to take place.

We work with the client to establish the project baseline by identifying key issues driving the initiative, required deliverables, budget and time frame in which the project must be completed. We then vet organizations who have a proven track record of success in these types of projects in that particular market based on company size and geographical location. We proceed with managing the project for the business, keeping the client updated of the progress, and allowing the client to concentrate on their daily business operations while the implementation is in progress.

Business centered

We utilize our expertise in business process improvement to
identify improvements in your overall infrastructure


We will ensure your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
plans are compliant
with your business objectives

24/7 Support

Once engaged, our team is available 24/7/365 to help
with incident response.

360° security

When working to secure your information, we make sure to include both technological and
human factors, resulting in a comprehensive multi-layered system tailored to your organization