Database Administration

Database Administration

No matter the size of an organization today, they are heavily reliant on applications that are used to track and manage daily workflows. As these applications are used to collect massive amounts of data, they all have a database that this data is stored in. For small and mid-size business, this database engine is usually a version of Microsoft’s SQL Server.

Very often, these database engines are deployed without a lot of planning and consideration. This can result in impact on daily operations that can vary from increased frustration caused by application crashes or slow reports to operations being frozen still because the database crashed and the recovery is hindered by lack of appropriate backup model.

We work with business to help understand the types of functions that will be performed by this database, whether it is transaction entry, reporting, or both. We then review recovery time, recovery point, and continuity objectives. The final piece of the puzzle is how heavy of a load is expected to be placed on the application now and 12-18-24 months from now. We then identify appropriate infrastructure to host this database as well as ensure its continued functionality and recoverability.

Once implemented, we help the business maximize their investment by helping them gain visibility into their data through report writing and custom dashboards.

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We utilize our expertise in business process improvement to
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We will ensure your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
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When working to secure your information, we make sure to include both technological and
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