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Policy Framework Design and Integration

Aegis IT Solutions experts work with your organizational stakeholders to review internal business processes, trace data flows, and identify data that needs to be secured. Based on our assessment we will offer a personalized policy framework that includes:

  • Information security policy
  • Data privacy policy
  • Information security management system

Managed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Information security strategy needs to combine risk and staff management with procedures and protocols designed to protect the company and operation. Aegis IT Solutions provides the functionality of an IT security and compliance department with full range of services in a conveniently outsourced package that includes:

Large amounts of data are exchanged when working with vendors. It takes a single company you work with that doesn’t follow security protocols to compromise your organization’s information. We will work with your Vendors and assess their ability to comply with your information security requirements. This will include but not be limited to the evaluation of:

  • Existing Contracts/Agreements
  • Third Party Service Provider’s Information Security Program
  • Third Party Service Provider’s Risk Assessment

SAQs/SIGs are crucial in the assessment of organization’s security. The technicality and scope of the information needed can pose a challenge, both in terms of complexity and bandwidth needed for completion. We will provide you with support and assistance that will cover:

  • Generating or providing appropriate supporting documentation
  • Helping with explanations for technical components
  • Reviewing and organizing the assessment data and ensuring accuracy

Whatever the origin or necessity of the audit, it is a daunting process. We will work with your auditors to guarantee needed information is received on time, while ensuring that you are protected, and can focus on continuing to operate your business without interruption. This process will include but is not limited to:

  • Collecting and reviewing appropriate documentation
  • Reviewing and verifying controls/documents based on regulatory standards and best practices
  • Comprehensive final report, reviewed with you, to discuss audit findings and recommendations

Regulatory compliance requirements change often and staying up to date is challenging. We will make sure your organization is adhering to the latest industry requirements. Here is what this process will cover:

  • Business processes and systems review
  • Analyze your data flows
  • Information security of your organization’s
  • Information security of your clients
  • Guide to security policies and procedures updates

In order to protect something, you need to know what it is and where is it stored. We will work with your internal/external IT and business teams to identify and classify the following:

  • Confidential data
  • Systems that store and access this data
  • Identify where and how it should be secured
  • Data at rest and in motion

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