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Network and System Security Design/Implementation

Networks get built over time via a sectional approach, and the overall design of the network is seldom considered from a security perspective. We will review the design of your network, identify any existing gaps or vulnerabilities, and offer a custom-built solution that will accommodate your business needs. This will include:

We provide a complete managed solution for a low monthly charge, that will include everything from hardware and implementation to ongoing support. You can focus on running your business and leave the rest to us.

  • Increase efficiency by moving operational duties from your staff to our experts
  • Deliver globalized view of cyberthreats
  • 24×7 firewall monitoring
  • 24×7 monitoring of all data flows within the network

Do the right people in your organization have the right level of access and controls for their roles and responsibilities? Our certified network engineers will work with your management team to determine access needs for confidential data, and segment appropriately to ensure security and accessibility are optimally balanced.

  • Improve operational performance
  • Reduce cyberattack damage
  • Protect vulnerable devices
  • Reduce the scope of compliance

Our team will assess your wireless network and provide a custom-built design for the most efficient connectivity while protecting you against cyberthreats. Based on how your business functions, you will have connectivity when and where it is needed, with necessary restrictions built in for optimum security.

  • All network connected devices are protected
  • Enterprise level wireless solutions
  • Wireless network segmentation to control critical data access
  • Bandwidth management and optimization
  • Advanced encryption of outgoing information

The human factor, combined with the vast variability of hardware and software, makes the end-users most vulnerable to external cyber threats. Our monitored EDR solution, once deployed, will guarantee your business and your users are continuously protected against various cyber threats.

  • Block specific processes from communicating on the network
  • Block processes from communicating with specific hostnames or IP addresses
  • Edit registry keys and values
  • Uninstall services, shut down or reboot an endpoint
  • Log users off an endpoint

We offer a comprehensive security system solution that focuses on advanced malware and virus protection. It includes network protection functionality as well as ransomware defense. This option provides the best protection against threats that specifically target your employee’s workstations and servers.

  • Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Server Protection and Security based on services provided to internal and external clients
  • Physical and Application resilience to failure based on stated Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO/RTO)
  • Custom Security Audit & Plan
  • User and Access Permissions
  • Security Training and Policy

Cloud storage is a must for businesses that work with vast amounts of data to minimizing hardware investments. Aegis IT Solutions will provide a complete strategy designed for your company’s cloud-based data assets that are hosted by any of the major providers. No matter where the data resides, it will be protected at rest, or in motion. Currently supported providers are:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Office 365

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