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Social engineering is an attack vector that relies heavily on human interaction. It often involves manipulating people into breaking normal security procedures in order to gain access to systems, networks, or physical locations for financial gain. We can make sure that your most valuable asset, your employees, do not become the greatest threat to your infrastructure and data security by:

  • Custom social engineering resiliency assessment for employees
  • Testing through targeted spear phishing, business email compromise (BEC) or whaling attacks
  • Clean desk policy reviews
  • Detailed report with findings and recommendations

Security Awareness Training is a requirement by all compliance standards. It’s important to create and maintain cybersecurity culture, changing employee behavior over time. We personalize our training programs based on our assessment of your employee’s personalities and learning styles, as well as their ability to defend against various types of social engineering attacks. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Obtaining private information via vishing, phishing, smishing or in person
  • Obtaining information via baiting, quid pro quo and pretexting
  • Detailed monthly or quarterly report with findings and recommendations

To help prevent the potential theft/comprise of company and client data, we work with you to implement a comprehensive suite of tools that uses both ongoing assessments and predictive analytics powered by advanced AI technologies to help identify potential compromises before they occur. What will be provided:

  • Controlling sensitive or critical information distribution outside the corporate network
  • Identifying irregular data access, download, and transmission by internal employees
  • Detecting potential data breaches/data ex-filtration transmissions in your organization
  • Detailed report with findings and recommendations

The Dark Web is an underground cyber-marketplace where stolen personal information is offered to the highest bidder. Security research has shown 60% of passwords are reused, causing serious risk of account takeovers via SaaS, Cloud, and network passwords. We will secure your accounts and data by continuously scanning billions of records and files for hacked credentials. We then provide a report on compromised credentials and a plan of action to remediate within 24 hours of detection. This process will include:

  • Daily scan of company email domains
  • Identifying compromised credentials along with a credential pattern that can be discerned
  • Detailed report with findings and plan of action to remediate

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